Home Features Worth the Splurge

When choosing to splurge on an expensive home feature, like a new swimming pool or the addition of a guest house or tennis court, consider if you’re motivated by the potential resale value, your own personal enjoyment, or both. Choose to splurge on the little things to make a large overall impact on your home, both for you and for the health of your future list price.

Additional bedrooms are smart additions that add tremendous value to your home if done well, and if you truly have the space to do so. Don’t cut an existing bedroom in half to make two very tiny ones, but if the size of your lot allows you to expand, choose this investment! Don’t forget about the possibilities in your attic or basement, as they could make media rooms or home offices that can be useful to your family right now, and provide more living space for future buyers, should you decide to sell.

Paint and hardware are prime examples of details making a big difference. Fresh paint in every room of your house and on the exteriors truly will transform your property, making it instantly feel current, clean and comfortable. Often overlooked, paint is a terrific investment when looking to spruce up your home, especially if you’re putting it on the market. Also, consider your hardware. Are your handles and cabinet pulls all in keeping with the décor and design aesthetic of your home? Go a step forward and switch out your light switch covers… there’s a myriad of options, from gold to stone to wood that are guaranteed to immediately make your home feel more put together and chic.

Landscaping is something that can be a sporadic expense (or a nonexistent one) that needs to be taken care of. While the inside of your home may matter the most to you, the exterior is how your home is presented. Hire a great landscaper, or, if you have a green thumb, DIY your outdoor space, front and back, to notice a drastic difference in the look of your property. Seasonal flowers, bushes and other foliage will brighten up your property, for either your family to enjoy, or for potential buyers to marvel over. 

If you love your house, but there are areas you’d like to improve, why not make the changes so that you can enjoy your home even more? When and if you list your property, these additions will surely boost its value. It's a win, win!