South Bay: Unrivaled Beauty

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Many considerations go into purchasing property in a new location. Choosing this location becomes a matter of balancing your needs with what the region you’re considering offers. Whether you’re looking to start a family, open a new business, or enjoy a relaxed life at the beach, knowing what regions cater to your needs is crucial. The South Bay offers an outstanding, high value myriad of property choices across its 19 different cities. With its many beach cities and fine school districts, South Bay neighborhoods carry a distinct charm that influences their accessibility and excellent standard of living. 

South Bay’s beach cities provide aquatic entertainment for all. From surfing to scuba diving, fishing to boating, and beach volleyball to scuba diving, there’s something for everyone. When you’ve had your fill of the ocean, land attractions and entertainment options await.

South Bay’s beautiful beach cities enjoy wonderful climates and a bevy of entertainment options both on and off the beach. One option, Manhattan Beach, has ideal weather great for daily trips to the beach. A part of The Strand, Manhattan Beach is home to many charming shops on its world-class beaches, and this beach often hosts professional beach volleyball tournaments. Hermosa Beach has wonderful weather, as well, and is home to many festivals and iconic establishments such as the Comedy & Magic Club which hosts Jay Leno on Sunday nights. This beach also has many parks that boast smog-free air, despite their proximity to Los Angeles. Redondo Beach offers a blend of its neighbors’ entertainment options; here you can enjoy a surf session one morning then tour the Redondo Beach Historical Museum in the afternoon. This beach is also home to the South Bay Galleria, a three story monument for shop-til-you-drop fashion enthusiasts. Finally, El Segundo distinguishes itself from other cities as a very urban neighborhood. A winner of awards for most business-friendly, its proximity to LAX has incentivized businesses in the aeronautics industry to open up shop in this area. 

South Bay is also home to many fine dining options (some cities have even outlawed the development of fast food restaurants to preserve a unique dining experience). 

If you’re looking for properties that offer competitive school districts, South Bay’s cities have some of the most highly distinguished districts in California. Manhattan Beach is commonly referred to as the 2nd most educated city in Los Angeles and Forbes recently named its school district 6th overall in the country. Hermosa Beach proudly ranks among the top 10% of schools, consistently ranking in the 80-90th percentile range. Palos Verdes takes the cake with one of the highest average SAT scores, highest percentage of students successfully taking Advance Placement exams, and has one of the highest API scores in California. 

The 19 cities of South Bay hold attractions and community offerings for everyone. From leisurely beach-living to successful family-oriented school districts, you’ll find a property here that’ll fulfills each of your lifestyle needs.