What To Do When You Move In

Moving into your new home should be a fun-filled time for you and your loved ones, not a time of stress. Purchasing a new home is a chance to start fresh and build new memories, in a beautiful new space. Follow my below tips and you'll enjoy this time to its fullest, and not get bogged down by minor stressors that can easily be ignored! An easy transition awaits...

Clean up
Before you start unpacking, take a small amount of time to clean your new property while it's still empty. It is infinitely easier to clean a blank slate than to have to lift rugs, move furniture, and clean around things. When you're finished and start to unload, don't forget to dust and wipe down furniture.

Assemble your furniture
Before you unpack anything like dishes, linens, and clothing, put all of your furniture back together. This means the legs on your dining room table, unwrapping your couches, and getting your bed sleep-ready. It's better to be able to sleep in your bed the first night and only have a few clothes unpacked, than to have your entire closet ready for you with nowhere to sleep.

Pack an overnight bag
This requires a little bit of planning ahead of time, but it's well worth it! Pack a small bag or box that would resemble a weekend or overnight bag when going on a short trip. Whether you'd like to take unpacking slower or just aren't able to get to everything within the first day, a bag full of your daily essentials including toiletries and a few changes of clothes will be a delight to find at the end of the day. Paper plates, napkins, and plastic utensils are also terrific to have on hand.

Meet & greet
After a few hours of unpacking, take a break and grab your kids, put a leash on your dog, and go for a stroll around the neighborhood. Introduce yourself to your neighbors while grabbing some fresh air and taking a much-deserved break. The sooner you get to know those around you, the quicker your new house will start to feel like your home.

Table for 5
On your first night, take note of the restaurants around your area. Fresh groceries are probably far down on your moving day to-do list, so you probably didn’t bring your favorite foods to stock your fridge right away, or perhaps a new refrigerator is being delivered soon. Either way, when it comes time for dinner, order out or go out! After a quick trip to a restaurant, you'll fall peacefully asleep and have energy for the next day.

As my client, I will make your move as seamless as possible... I'm right by your side long after the paperwork is signed and will happily help with anything you need. 

-- Melanie Hane

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