Choosing the Right Escrow Company

Buying or selling your home is one of the most significant transactions in your life — whether it’s your first home-buying experience or you’ve bought many properties, each time it must be handled with care, thought, and professional expertise. While finding the perfect home and the agent who will transform your dreams into a reality are vital, choosing the best escrow company is an equally essential part of the process. I’ve narrowed my advice to four basic tenets to serve as a guideline:

Recommendations and Testimonials 

Personal referrals from trusted friends and family will always carry the most weight in determining which company will serve you best. However, be wary of limiting your research to one person’s opinion and take advantage of online resources such as Yelp, the company’s website, and their social media accounts to get an honest and complete understanding of how they’ve served their clients in the past. Proud work will always be displayed, as will any transgressions, so don’t be afraid to dig!


In addition to collecting money from the buyer and distributing the funds according to the buy-sell contract, an escrow agent is also responsible for all contractual items associated, such as: payment of loan fees, title insurance, and deed transferal fees. However, unexpected closing costs can undermine your profits, so make sure you take the time to read and understand the language used in all documents. 


While location might come across as a superficial concern when compared to the trustworthiness and reputation of a company, know that the escrow process is exactly that — a process. Be realistic in assessing your willingness to make frequent trips to the business. Proximity will provide a small, but necessary, ease to a complicated transaction.


While research and proper online vetting help you narrow down your options, touring the company and meeting with your agent in person will give you the complete insight needed to choose the correct representative for you and your family. Remember, your agent is to be objective and completely unbiased — any misgivings should not be dismissed. If you are a seller, you have the option of agreeing to the company chosen by the buyer, or countering with your own preference. 

For my clients in Southern California, I always strongly recommend Metropolitan Escrow, as they are the experts in both Residential and Commercial real estate, which is quite rare!  Many escrow companies do not handle commercial escrows. This company is an excellent option to pursue, as their agents have unparalleled levels of integrity, professionalism, and care, and will work tirelessly to make sure both parties’ best interests are represented. Centrally located in Gardena, Metropolitan Escrow is easily accessible for residents in the South Bay, Orange County, and Los Angeles. Contact Eileen Rech, President & Certified Senior Escrow Officer by email at or by telephone at 310.327.0296. Metropolitan Escrow is located at 1411 West 190th Street, Suite 125 in Gardena, CA 90248.

-- Melanie Hane

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