The Benefits of Oceanfront Living

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California boasts some of the most beautiful oceanfront properties in the world, from picture-perfect Orange County beaches like Laguna and Newport, to the awe-inspiring South Bay, up to celebrity-clad Malibu. Whether you are looking for relaxation, surfing, swimming, or anything in between, there is a picturesque beach in California calling your name. 

Besides beautiful views and an abundance of outdoor activities, nationally, properties with views of the ocean are worth more than double that of comparable non-oceanfront homes. Oceanfront properties retain their value more than homes situated inland, as they're simply more desirable to a greater pool of buyers. With this demand constantly increasing, and the supply constrained by geography, investing in an oceanfront property is an especially sound decision.

Owning an oceanfront property comes with several renowned perks and other lesser know benefits. Having a home with ocean views is not only beautiful and a terrific investment, but it has also been linked to enhanced well-being. Oceanfront environments are natural stress relievers -- they increase feelings of tranquility and serenity. For instance, the constant sound of waves crashing into the shore promotes a state of deep relaxation... Imagine having this outside your window every night as you go to sleep.  Just thinking about it makes me feel at ease! 

Research has also shown this correlation, year after year, between living closer to the coast and having greater feelings of happiness. That is, the closer you live to the coast, the healthier you might be. One explanation is easy accessibility to exercise, recreation and overall physical activity. Yet even if you are not spending your time on such activities, the sea breeze helps balance levels of serotonin in your brain, which boosts your mood while reducing stress! The ocean also contains healing minerals that assist in pulling toxins from your body -- this helps to heal wounds quicker while alleviating pain. Our brains also interpret the calming ocean water sounds as non-threatening, which helps us to sleep. 

Now the only question is, which Southern California beach is the right fit for you?

Image via My Domaine.

Image via My Domaine.