The Crypto Corner: The Candle That Can Make You Money

Curious about cryptocurrency? Read my blog post that outlines it here...

The Crypto Candle is a genius, innovative candle that I think is about to take the world by storm. Perfect for as a gift for those who have everything, or the person in your life who has been wanting to break into the cryptocurrency space - or even for yourself, at a mere $45 with a chance to win over $7K, why not fill your home or office with infusions of Oakmoss, Sandalwood, and Amber-Patchouli? The concept is simple... it's an interactive experience for each recipient and kind of like getting a golden ticket. Burn your candle to make your token appear. Each token has a unique code printed on it; redeem your code to determine your winnings. 1/100 tokens may be redeemed for .01 Bitcoin, 1/2500 tokens may be redeemed for .5 Bitcoin, and 1/5000 tokens may be redeemed for 1 Bitcoin. The current value of 1 Bitcoin, at the time this post was published, is $7,347 US dollars.