How To Throw A Festive & Chic Valentine's Day Party Your Family Will L-O-V-E

There is always an excuse to be festive and enjoy quality time with your loved one… whether you love Valentine’s Day or feel it’s a Hallmark holiday, this round up should ensure you have a lovely day filled with delicious eats and fun memories…


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These Ombre Raspberry Chia Jars are as delicious as they are beautiful!

Layer 1:⠀
¼ cup chia seeds⠀
1 cups plant-based milk⠀
vanilla extract⠀
maple syrup (if needed)⠀
1 mashed Banana⠀
raspberry powder ⠀

Layer 2:⠀
¼ cup chia seeds⠀
1 cup plantbased milk⠀
vanilla extract⠀
2 tbsp maple syrup⠀
raspberry powder ⠀

Layer 3 (Chia Jam):⠀
1 cup berries of choice ⠀
1 tbsp lemon juice, to taste⠀
1 tbsp agave or maple syrup to taste⠀
about 1 tbsp chia seeds (or more if needed)⠀


Mix all ingredients for each layer together in 3 jars.⠀
Let sit for 2 minutes until it begins to gel, and then give it a good mix again with a fork or a whisk.⠀
Let sit for at least 1 hour, or better overnight in the fridge.⠀
Layer and serve!⠀

Even the pepperonis are heart-shaped… what is cuter than this?!


Start with your favorite crust. (The recipe recommends either Trader Joe’s or this homemade pizza crust recipe which can be baked or grilled.)

Shape the dough into a ball (about a tennis-ball-size ball of dough for one large individual pizza).

Shape it into a circle. Then flatten it out into a round shape just like you would any normal pizza crust. Grab the ball, stretch it with your hands, set it back down on the baking sheet, and press it with your fingers to finish shaping it. Note that if your dough doesn’t want to hold its shape, it may need to rest for a bit. Let it sit for 5 minutes then try again.

Pinch and pull the bottom of the circle to form a point. Now, the patented pinch-and-push technique! To make your heart-shaped pizza, pinch the bottom of the crust and pull down into a point. Your pizza is now a teardrop shape.

Take one finger and push down the top towards the center. Now, take a finger to the top middle and push down toward the center of the pizza. Shape a bit here and there if you’d like and voila!


Now top just as you would any pizza and cut out a few heart-shaped pepperoni slices.

Bake following your pizza crust instructions – the general rule is 450 degrees Fahrenheit and start checking the pizza at about 5 minutes. Usually it’s about 8 minutes before the toppings are perfectly melty and the crust is golden brown.

Do you have any favorite Valentine’s Day recipes?