Energy Star

The Best Energy-Saving Appliances

When enhancing your home with any upgrade, big or small, it’s essential to consider how much of your investment you’ll ultimately receive in return. When most homeowners consider upgrades, the first priority that comes to mind is the kitchen, which leads to appliances. Investing in the best quality energy-saving appliances on the market will not only increase the value of your home, but also save you ample money on a monthly basis.

Heating and Cooling Units

By Far, central heating and cooling units use up the most energy in homes – it takes significant amounts of energy to maintain the perfect temperatures you desire. By finding a central air unit that strikes a balance between being an energy saver and being a good price, you can add additional value to your home. Consider systems that also have easy to use interfaces so that setting up the thermostat is a breeze. Coleman’s Echelon HC8B has quite a high 18 SEER value, is quiet, and comes with a touch screen display for programming the temperature. The Dave Lennox XC25 A/C unit has received top remarks for its silent efficient operation, as well. 


Refrigerators are often major focal points when designing or renovating a kitchen. Seeing a current, large fridge sets the tone for evaluating a kitchen’s design. Although most are stainless steel, variations in door types (a French variety, for example) add small hints of unique design palettes. Most refrigerators on the market with modern designs use larger amounts of energy because of the placement of the freezer, but if you’re looking for a comfortable balance between the two, try Fisher-Paykel's Active Smart RF201ADX. It boasts a beautiful French door design, has a generous amount of space, and is a smart buy in terms of energy efficiency. You can also sift through 2015’s best fridges to make choosing the right one for your home an easier task. 

Washing Machines

This third appliance that contributes to your energy bill has a doubling effect on your bills; washing machines use both electricity and water. By updating to a more efficient model, with larger space and more efficient cycles, you can cut down on how long it takes to do your laundry, lower how much water is used over time, as well as minimize how often you wash your clothes. The LG WM4270H is an example of an efficient low-cost upgrade to your washing machine; it even has an intuitive LED display and settings that wash a full cycle of clothes in just under 30 minutes!

If you’re not quite ready for new appliances, consider a smaller change, like installing Energy Star windows, to help lower your energy bills. Be mindful of all options available to you when upgrading – it’s key to making the right choices. Whether your goal is to create a more aesthetically pleasing environment by ridding of anything out of date, or if you are trying to conserve energy and lower your monthly household bills, there are a bevy of energy-saving appliances worth researching —and installing—!