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April 2017 Newsletter


Pampering Your Pets

Every now and then our pets deserve a day to be pampered just like us! They are always there for us to listen, love and cuddle with. Here are a few of my favorite ways to show appreciation for your furry friends...

Spa Day

Kick–start your pet-pampering day by taking a trip to the salon for a day of much-needed grooming.  Aside from your daily or weekly brushing, a good grooming will not only have your pet looking and smelling fabulous, but feeling great as well. Not only is it a great treat, but also a necessity that the entire family can appreciate.  Schedule your next appointment at Lucky Dawg Pet Grooming or South Bay Dog Grooming.  If visiting the groomer is too much for your fun-filled day, give your pet the most luxurious bath you can give in your own tub. Dr. McGrath’s and Opie and Dixie are both terrific brands that offer the highest quality, natural ingredients. Here are two of my favorite products:

Dr. McGraths: 100% human-grade, PH balanced products for dogs, cats, & horses; free of sulfates, phosphates, & dyes

Concentrated Conditioning Animal Shampo

Concentrated Conditioning Animal Shampo

Opie & Dixie: All-natural, organic and vegan grooming aids for the holistic care of dogs and cats.

Organic Healing Paw Balm

Organic Healing Paw Balm


A marvelous stay-cation is a must when planning to pamper your pet. Send them to a luxury pet resort like AMG A Pet Resort where they can get walks, group play, special treats, and so much more. If you don’t want to board your pet, plan a trip to the beach or a nice dog park for you and your best furry friend to run around and be carefree for a day. 

Retail Therapy

Showering your pet with gifts is another good way to show your pet just how much you love them. Just like when we feel we have done a job well done buying a nice treat for yourself is a great way to pat yourself on the back.  So whether it is a treat and a toy from Pet Foods Market or a cute outfit from D.O.G Boutique, your pet will definitely enjoy the retail therapy.

An adorable chew toy from D.O.G. Pet Boutique

An adorable chew toy from D.O.G. Pet Boutique

Whether it’s a spa day, a quick road trip or a shopping spree, showing your pet how much you love them by pampering them for a day is a great way to make the bond between you two even stronger. Only you know exactly what your furry friend will enjoy so if all else fails, dedicate the day to your best friend. Sometimes, being with your best friend is all the therapy you need.


March 2017

February Newsletter

Pops of Color Done Well

The world isn’t all black and white, so why would your home be? Colors breed creativity while bringing a touch of personality to your space. Have fun and experiment with variations of palettes -- pastels can create a sophisticated twist on a more traditional room, while jewel tones, for instance, add an instant dash of dramatic, glamorous flair to any space. Your home is yours and should be a place that wholly reflects your personal style and everything that inspires you. Never be afraid to add a pop of color, especially to a home office, as you never know when inspiration will strike! Trends change as swiftly as seasons, but timeless taste never goes out of style. I’ve selected a few trends that demonstrate chic, nondated ways to add a vibrant pop of color to any room.

1. Kim Salmela Dynasty 20x20 Velvet Pillow

2. Eloise 87" Camelback Sofa 

3. Easton Nightstand

4. Melrose Table Lamp

5. Marsala Pocked Sized Classics

6. Holmes Accent Chair

7. Julien Tufted Ottoman

-- Melanie Hane

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