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The Ultimate Summer Wine Pairing Guide

Even for the most seasoned and serious wine lovers, when it comes to pairing, becoming overwhelmed happens to the best of us.

Let’s get back to the basics and master which pairings are best so your next dinner party satiates your cravings and complements your plate.


Whether you’re serving a perfect piece of fish in a lemon butter sauce or are inviting friends over for an al fresco clambake, Sauvignon Blanc is the right choice here. Tart, citrusy notes differentiate this white wine from a traditional Chardonnay — a lithe flavor that allows both grilled and buttery dishes to be enjoyed to their fullest.


Cabernet Sauvignon is rich with tannins, which make wine taste dry and are complex and bitter -- they're important to have when enjoying barbecued eats like steaks, lamb, chicken and even grilled ribs. The protein in the meats neutralize these tannins, revealing lush black cherry and currant driven tastes, as well as subtle oak undertones that will perfectly complement your meal.


Mimosas are lovely, but it can be fun to mix things up — literally! Try infusing fresh OJ with fresh squeezed lime juice and strawberries with Pinot Grigio and sparkling cider for an invigorating twist on a classic morning sip! After you finish your meal, Rosé is a fabulous way to unwind the rest of the day. The best Rosés, regardless of a high or low price point, are from Provence, France, and can range from a light pink to a ruby red, always with fruity notes, and sometimes incorporating spicier tones like allspice.

With so many new labels popping up every day, it’s hard to settle for an old standby — even if you love it — because of the sheer possibility that awaits with every new bottle and brand you see. Here are some bottles you might not have heard of yet but that are worth a try:

2011 Alphonse Mellot La Moussière Sancerre  

Bennett Lane Maximus Red Feasting Wine 2006

Ehlers Estate 2014 Sylviane Rosé Napa Valley, California